15 Free Tools To Protect Your Privacy

Use these free tools to protect your privacy by hiding your IP address, shredding the content of personal files, delete Internet traces, encrypt sensitive documents and more.

EraserEraserFree secure file deletionshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(20)
Privacy Eraser FreePrivacy Eraser FreeFree remove Internet and PC activity tracksshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(1)
PrivaZerPrivaZerFree In-depth privacy cleanershowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(10)
Self-Destructing CookiesSelf-Destructing CookiesFree automate cookie deletion in FirefoxshowEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
Helicon Photo SafeHelicon Photo SafeFree Photo manager with privacy featuresshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(2)
AntiSnooperAntiSnooperFree protect your data from prying eyesshowEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
AxCryptAxCryptFree one-click file encryptionshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(22)
Oxynger KeyShieldOxynger KeyShieldFree secure on-screen keyboardshowEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
BCTextEncoderBCTextEncoderFree encrypt text messages and emailsshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(1)
SafeIPSafeIPFree hide your real IP addressshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(5)
CloudfoggerCloudfoggerFree easy to use file encryption with cloud supportshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(1)
OpenPuffOpenPuffFree steganography and file marking toolshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(1)
Disk WipeDisk WipeFree securely erase the content of a hard driveshowEditor:rating
Users :no user rating
TrueCryptTrueCryptFree real-time file encryptionshowEditor:rating
Users :user rating(37)
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