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Feb 24, 2002
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Software products from this publisher

Autorun Organizer screenshot

icon Autorun Organizer v1.40 by ChemTable Software

Autorun Organizer enables you to manage all the programs that are set to run automatically when you start Windows. It supports scheduled launches via Registry, Task Scheduler and the Startup Folder. You can review the list of... (Read more)

Handy Start Menu screenshot

icon Handy Start Menu v1.94 by ChemTable Software

Handy Start Menu can help you organize your cluttered Windows Start Menu by quickly sorting applications into menu categories. The program can automatically group many common applications into several pre-configured categories... (Read more) info Offers to install promotional, third party components (e.g. browser toolbar).

Reg Organizer screenshot

icon Reg Organizer v6.60 by ChemTable Software

Reg Organizer is an advanced tool to manage and optimize the Windows registry. In addition to a full featured registry editor, it offers Search and Replace of registry values and registry optimization features. Reg Organizer... (Read more)

Registry Life screenshot

icon Registry Life v2.09 by ChemTable Software

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 5 (2)
  • Popularity:44

Registry Life enables you to find and remove problems in you registry that are caused by invalid or obsolete entries. You can use the Express Check option or customize the settings by excluding parts of the system and registry... (Read more) info Offers to install promotional, third party components (e.g. browser toolbar).

Soft Organizer screenshot

icon Soft Organizer v3.51 by ChemTable Software

Soft Organizer (formerly Full Uninstall) is a utility that can help you completely remove programs from your computer, even if the provided uninstaller leaves traces behind. The program achieves this by keeping track of all... (Read more)