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Step by step illustrations 5 stars by Airbourne Dec 16, 2011 (Read all my 9 reviews)
It does exactly what they say it will in 'Step By Step' Backup for a hard drive shown in 'Illustrations', you cannot go wrong. I have looked for a long time for a program like this thank you my search is over. The best part is after 'Backing up your C Drive' if you want to really alter anything on the C Drive and not sure if it will still boot up after say 'Cleaning the Registry' or loading programs that may be a bit suspect but you want to try them anyway. You have the best backup C Drive you will ever get. I only have Win XP on CDrive all my uploads are on another drive and it did the excellent backup in just over 1 Hour. Read the info and follow it. After the backup just unplug the power from the Main CD Drive to try the 'Backup C Drive' my computer just found the backup and loaded Win XP without me going into the Bios to set the Drive as the boot drive. Big Thanks to Snapfiles and the Programmers. Have a Happy 2011 Xmas show Review details
Sensational 5 stars by madmik Aug 10, 2009 (Read all my 32 reviews)
Other data and full system backup apps,even a VM software testing machine,could realistically be replaced with this simple looking beauty.The only feature really missing is incremental clone, available in the shareware version, well worth buying. After cloning the current active system to another disk ,the target volume becomes fully bootable,if necessary with the help of the Quick Boot Diskette.Making a new disk bootable and this new hardware compatible is usually either impossible or difficult and is a feature rarely possible with backup apps.A great achievement! The bootable clone is ready to go in case of any system failure. All folders are cloned in normal file form,so data only, can separately be copied back to the main drive. Can be cloned between the partitions to give a permanent spare,or even has the possibility of keeping different versions of the system, eg each with different apps, data etc, on different partitions,for whatever reason. show Review details
Very effective program 5 stars by Philipgrey Jan 17, 2009 (Read all my 12 reviews)
Very effective program. Have been using this for a while now and not had any problems with the copies. Usually use it to create regular bootable copies of my c drive or to upgrade a computer to a larger hard drive. Nice easy program worth a download. show Review details
Wow...and it's free... 5 stars by Voodooknight Dec 27, 2007
I gotta say, I not only thought it was possible but it was easy too. Everyone knows how difficult it is to do a fresh install of XP on a SATA drive and have it work. (Not to mention the MBR problem). This FREE little wonder not only does what it says it does but even goes so far as to make the drive "self-bootable". Did my fresh install and updates on the IDE drive and then just moved everything right over to the SATA drive. Shut it down, remove the IDE drive, and BINGO...Success!!! My appreciation, my gratitude, and compliments to the maker of this little wonder-program. show Review details
Great piece of software. 5 stars by jeff333 May 11, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Great piece of software.I managed to clone a 20 Gb Western Digital ( 6Gb of info.)to a 20 Gb Seagate in less than 30 min. I simply took out the "old" hard disk and booted the machine using the cloned hard disk. It worked like a charm. Thanks show Review details
Used this software for several years 4 stars by Muzza4 Mar 06, 2007 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I've used this software for several years to create a weekly backup of my entire hard drive onto an identical hard drive attached via USB. Not only can I use this backup to find copies of files I have deleted or altered: the main purpose is to be able to get back up and running if I get a hard drive failure - the "copy to" disk is (effectively ) a complete copy and is bootable. I think this is great even though the interface isn't all that attractive. Muzza show Review details
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