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Folder Options X Folder Options X

Awesome 5 stars
I dislike, to an extreme, the default windows Vista, 7, 8, full row select. What a work flow disrupting concept that is... This software gets rid of it, which it shouldn't have to do, MS shouldn't have put it in to begin with.
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YTubePlayer YTubePlayer

It's good but not a replacement 2 stars
It's a neat toy, that's about it. I don't see why I would use this instead of just going to Youtube. It saves playlists, but so does youtube, it allows you to share to friends within it's own network, not FB or other popular social media sites. There's nowhere to grab the video url, you cannot delete more than one video at a time from the playlist. There's no search for adding friends even if you knew someone who was using this software. Like I said, it's a toy.
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ServersCheck Monitoring Software ServersCheck Monitoring Software

Absolutely unbeatable 5 stars
This software is not only comprehensive but easy to use at the same time. It's great for large businesses and corporations but at the same time is excellent for small business and home networks because you get 20 free monitors without having to buy the software! Been using it for years and will no doubt continue.
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Startup Delayer Startup Delayer

Perfect for servers 5 stars
I have been using this on servers for years, it really smooths things out when you have a bunch of very CPU intensive apps or services starting at once. Some fail to start from lack of resource, but delay their startup a couple minutes and they are fine.
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Edraw Mind Map Edraw Mind Map

Excellent software 5 stars
I've tried mind map software in the past and didn't quite know what to do with it. This one gave some templates that immediately answered a few of my questions as to why would I use this, and what's a mind map. Interface is very modern and gives an MS Office feel.
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PicPick PicPick

Best of the best 5 stars
This program has everything you could possibly need for a screen capture app. What sold me was the awesome FTP function and excellent editor. I use this every day to post images of how-to's on my web site. It also comes with a host of other cool tools like a magnifier, pixel ruler, protractor and the coolest white board you'll ever use!
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GeeMail GeeMail

I don't get it 1 stars
What's the point of this? It has only basic gmail functionality and the big selling point seems to be "Access your gmail without opening your browser", like opening my browser is some huge task? My browser is open 24/7 anyway.
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Text Lightning Text Lightning

Couldnt ask for more 5 stars
For free and even if not, this is an awesome Outlook add-on! If you have the need for quick text replies, moving emails to other folders with a single click, copy email address of focused email, and much more, you have got to give this a try.
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7stacks 7stacks

Very nice addition 5 stars
I tend to use extra launchers, shortcut apps, etc. This one rates high with me because it doesn't run in the system tray, it simply runs in the background only when one of it's created menus are open. Close the menu, the app closes too. Great idea and I'll probably use it for some time to come.
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Poladroid Poladroid

Very unique software 5 stars
I have used other Polaroid simulation software, but this one has the coolest interface I have ran across in quite some time. It even makes you wait for a minute while the image "develops" in front of your eyes. The result is distinctly different from the source image, very nice job in recreating the Polaroid feel.
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DNS Benchmark DNS Benchmark

Nice little tool 4 stars
One of those tools you don't realize you need until you see it. It showed me that the dns server I had been statically putting in all my PCs was quite a bit slower than others I could have been using. For free, there's nothing to complain about with this app.
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Envelope Printer Lite Envelope Printer Lite

Not enough bang for the buck 3 stars
This is a nice little application, key word "Little". It does one thing, prints envelopes. It's not worth $20, this should be a $7.99 purchase. The price was the reason I didn't buy it after trying it.
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MJPEG Surveillance MJPEG Surveillance

Cannot get it to work with my cameras 3 stars
I have 3 cameras of two types, I have them all password protected and this program doesn't have an option to enter credentials, it seems to want a wide open camera which kind of defeats the purpose of security right? Other than that it seems to be a pretty nice app.
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Classic Shell Classic Shell

Excellent 5 stars
When windows 7 came out I was beside myself at the fact that MS omitted the classic menu style. The way I arrange my menu simply cannot be accommodated with the overly compact new style. Being unable to get classic buttons like delete, etc. Onto the explorer toolbar was annoying too. This program took care of everything. If you've got vista or 7, you need this.
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ShowMyPC (Free Version) ShowMyPC (Free Version)

Been using it for a long time 5 stars
I work in an IT situation where we access over 300 pc's over our network via VNC every day, but with other VNC apps, you have to configure firewalls, etc. So at home, when (for example) my sisters kid virus's up her pc, I just have her start ShowMyPC, read me the password it gives and I'm in, no firewall config/port forwarding. I have not noticed any slow speeds with this app and have used it with hundreds of remote pc's. For free, you can't beat this one.
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7plus 7plus

Pretty cool app 4 stars
I really like a lot of the functions it ads but I don't like that it has to run in the system tray in order to work. I was also unable to get a couple of the functions to work on my XP Pro machine.
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uPrompt Free uPrompt Free

Very nice for what it is 5 stars
It's like you guys are reading my mind (or my browsing habits;-) I am starting a project where I need to record my screen and an external cam simultaneously and I keep messing up the narration. This little app works great for what I am doing.
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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

A must for todays baddies 5 stars
There are a couple of malware infections running around pretending to be anti virus these days, this app is the only one I have been able to remove the rogues with. I use it all the time on customers PCs for cleaning and purchased it for real time protection along with Avast for my wife`s pc (she's not as savvy as I am :-)
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Lightshot Lightshot

It's ok, there are better apps for this 2 stars
This app is extremely lacking for options, you just take the screen shot and upload. There is no option to set your own ftp server, which I use in another application. I suppose if you want dirt simple, then go with this one.
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Paper Valet Paper Valet

Looks great to me 5 stars
I have been trying to talk my wife into digitizing our bills and invoices for a long time, it would open up some space where file cabinets currently sit. This software does exactly what i was trying to explain to her. Although it will take quite a while to scan them all with a home flatbed scanner, when I am done it will have been worth the $25
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EaseUS Todo Backup Free EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Very nice but missing features 4 stars
I must disagree with the previous reviewer in that this is nowhere near as good as Acronis, but for free it is a great option. Features it is badly missing are scheduled backups, differential and incremental backups which saves huge amounts of space and certainly time when scheduling backup tasks. Paragon also recently came out with a free version which does the same thing this does. Great for home users who can click the backup button every so often, but for business (this products web site says it's for home and small business) this is no good without scheduling.
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Classic Start Menu Classic Start Menu

Not great but better than 7 4 stars
It's better than the 7 menu if you hate that new style like I do. But this app is lathargic and cannot seem to keep it's settings straight as far as how I set it to sort the menu items. It also has a major flaw where the tray icon has a hide tray icon selection, but there's no way to get it back unless you manually edit the registry. Still, better than dealing with the new vista/7 menu system.
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WebDwarf WebDwarf

For free? Yeah you should grab it. 4 stars
Granted it's crippled compared to the big boys but if you just need something to create a page at a time and you don't mind that the pages all have the html file extension, then this is for you. It couldn't be easier to use. Add images or whatever from any folder on your computer, when you publish to another folder, it makes copies. There are also ftp and other publishing options. The only thing I don't like is that there are no functions for changing the file extension of the rendered pages, and there is no way to edit/add meta tags like keywords and description.
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PortraitPro PortraitPro

Cutting edge enhancements 5 stars
This software is awesome, with tons of controls and options yet still very easy to use. I would go buy it if it were priced a little lower.
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WebcamMax WebcamMax

Everything's great, except... 4 stars
I tried this out and it was tons of fun and worked great, went to buy it and saw the whole subscription thing and changed my mind. I don't rent software. If I buy it, it needs to be mine.
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OpenOffice OpenOffice

Awesome product 5 stars
Reading through the reviews here I am surprised to find anything but 5 star ratings. This office suite is worlds above any other freebie and just hairs behind MS office in only certain aspects. OpenOffice.org is a great product that people would do well to adopt as their go to office suite. Opens and saves MS file types too.
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DVDVideoSoft Free Studio DVDVideoSoft Free Studio

Nice 4 stars
Been using these tools for a while now whenever I come across a small job I need to do like download a youtube vid or extract an mp3, etc. Not the most comprehensive tools on the market but definitely worth having for freebies.
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DownTester DownTester

Missing something 3 stars
It works fine and is easy to set up, but does not test upload speeds, which is very important to certain people, especially servers or gamers who want to know where they stand for online gaming.
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Explore and Burn Explore and Burn

Very nice, convenient burner 5 stars
Downloaded, installed on 64 bit Vista, no reboot, right clicked a folder and burned it to a DVD. Excellent.
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Orca Browser Orca Browser

Perfect clone of Avant 5 stars
I have used Avant exclusively on many pc's for years, it is hands down the best browser I have ever used. Now for you rebellious anti-MS troublemakers out there, there is a Firefox version, same great browser without the MS to annoy the kids.
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Efficient To-Do List Free Efficient To-Do List Free

Very nice 5 stars
Wow I cannot believe you guys (snapfiles) gave this a "fair" rating, I usually agree with your ratings. I was looking for a product for a to-do list and tried this, it is almost identical to outlooks tasks accept for a few features, works great and it's free. The developer tells me a LAN version is coming in September, I will probably buy that one.
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FeedDemon FeedDemon

Best of the best 5 stars
When I first got into RSS readers, I tried many of the freebies here at snapfiles. I ended up using Greatnews for years but it seemed to get buggier as time went on and the dev team have not put out a new version in an extremely long time. So I went to this one and wow what a difference! Feed Demon has a lot of non-techie user options and features. There are a couple things I would add to it if I were the developer so i emailed them and got nice responses. Great program with good support and current releases = Great choice.
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InfraRecorder InfraRecorder

Very cool 5 stars
I know there are other freebie burning apps out there and I probably have three quarters of them installed already, but i am a junkie so I downloaded this one anyway. Not only does it work just fine, but has quite a few options such as data disk, audio, video, ISO support and copy disk support. And the number one cool thing about this software is..it smokes when you burn a cd! Cool!
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CD Label Designer CD Label Designer

Behind the times 3 stars
I have had a Neato labeler app for several years that is just about the same thing as this one, I would think newer is better rather than a different face for the same functions. No lightscribe support and the list of label types is extremely limited. I am sticking with ... which has hundreds of label types and supports lightscribe, oh and currently supplies a total of over 5000 images.
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virtualStudio virtualStudio

Not for Vista 64-bit 3 stars
I have Vista 64 bit (I know, I am sorry too). This app crashed when i tried opening a photo the first time. The second time it was fine, but then crashed again while editing the photo. Seems like a nice looking and feeling app and probably does fine on 32 bit OS's. One thing I was unable to find is a way to resize a selection area after dragging it out, which is crippling for a photo editing app IMO.
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Everything Everything

Definitely light and fast 4 stars
I have always liked the "idea" of a desktop search tool but tried bunches of them and hated every one. Either they are very bloated and weigh down my system heavily, or they are extremely complicated or take forever to index, or SOMETHING I don't like. This one is different, it is extremely fast, extremely light weight and takes only seconds (seemingly) to index your drives. I am not quite understanding why it comes with an ftp and http server, but why not I suppose.
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BB FlashBack Express BB FlashBack Express

Top notch 5 stars
This program is awesome, and free! I am sure I will be looking at the paid version due to the probability that it is even better than this one. This program holds it's own against the big boys like Demo Builder, Camtasia, etc.
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J. River Media Center J. River Media Center

Extremely impressive 5 stars
I had used the free version of this for some time and was very impressed, it is not crippled at all. Then I found this version which is so comprehensive, so complete, it is almost unheard of. Though I use it quite often, I am constantly finding new functions that make the product worth well beyond what I payed for it.
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Personal Folders Backup Personal Folders Backup

Perfect 5 stars
I don't know what the other guy is talking about, we use it for a local Government, several buildings and hundreds of pc's, it works perfect and we have recovered many PST files because of it.
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Your Uninstaller! Your Uninstaller!

Awesome tool 5 stars
I have always used an alternative uninstall tool, mainly because I want to be able to sort by installation date. This one goes much further than my old faithful by seeking out and removing registry entries and orphaned files left behind from the uninstallations. I could do without the cookie/temp file cleaner though, too typical and there are tons of those tools available.
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Jet Screenshot Jet Screenshot

Great for what i need 4 stars
Although this is certainly not the best or most feature packed screen shot software I have, it is great for when i am doing tech support and need to take shots and upload quickly. The url to the image is automatically copied to the clipboard for pasting into an IM or email. Very cool.
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Virtual Font Folder Virtual Font Folder

Good idea but..... 2 stars
This is a good idea, but the problem I have with it is that they require you to buy multiple licenses if you want to sync multiple pc's on a network. I have about 10 computers on my home network, i am certainly not going to spend $150 for something that I can do with windows file sync or something free like Syncback.
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The software developer responded to this review on Dec 18, 2008: Thanks for the comments. Synchback and other file tools will certainly synch font files. But they will not install the fonts and make them available for use in other applications. If you need multiple licenses, please contact me at helpdesk at loseyourmind dot com for discounted pricing.

FTPEditor FTPEditor

Nothing special for the price 2 stars
Not only can you use PSPad to do the job of this and it is free, but I downloaded this anyway to check it out, and could not get it to connect to my server. Even though i had passive unchecked, it still timed out and said passive mode failed. $50 and it is buggy? Hmm, no thanks.
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Easy Button and Menu Maker Easy Button and Menu Maker

Love this one 5 stars
I have many menu makers, button apps, etc. This one make the whole process very easy and the results are extremely professional looking. My hope here is that the developer continues adding features, templates, button styles, etc.
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PSPad Editor PSPad Editor

As if it needs more praise 5 stars
Obviously this app has something everyone likes, me included. I love the integrated ftp client for editing right on my servers. Options galore, context menu integration, tons of languages supported, notepad replacement, the list goes on.
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Screamer Radio Screamer Radio

Excellent little app 5 stars
I have 3 or 4 other apps in this category, even a couple I paid for. This one is no less in quality than they are and it is smaller, so I say it is a pretty great little app with lots of functionality.
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SMTP Mail Sender SMTP Mail Sender

Works just fine 5 stars
I did not see any reason that snapfiles gave this a rating of "fair". It works exactly as it is supposed to. Remembers your SMTP settings and is quick and lightweight.
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Pazera Free Audio Extractor Pazera Free Audio Extractor

Couldn't be better 5 stars
This is right up there with quickmediaconvert, can't beat it for free.
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NetWorx NetWorx

Very nice 4 stars
The only problem I found is that it crashed explorer when I first ran it. Run it again and all is fine. I like the network speed gauge it has, great for testing my GB NICs and switches.
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RarmaRadio RarmaRadio

Great stream recorder 5 stars
Other than the fact that Snapfiles spelled the name wrong, this app is awesome as far as streaming radio recorders go. Comes with tons of presets and all kinds of options. [Editor: The name is spelled correctly, it has been changed by the author and the previous name was very similar (RaimaRadio).]
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Google Chrome Google Chrome

Not in the running yet 2 stars
I would expect a company like Google to really put some work into anything they release. This browser is basic and function limited. Definitely a far cry from my default (avant). No mouse gestures, clutsy tab open/close, missing menu items, no favs import, no online storage. The only thing this browser does have is that it starts very quickly and has a very clean interface.
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Phantom CD Phantom CD

Works but not the best 3 stars
This app does exactly what it is supposed to do, no problems there. The issue is that there is another popular app of this kind that is free, allows multiple virtual drives and does not toss ads at you. Can I say it? Virtual Clone Drive
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TimeStamp TimeStamp

Too basic 2 stars
It is a nice simple interface, but i work for a company online and I need the time sheet exports to be more comprehensive than just a simply time in/time out. There needs to be time totals, including total for the time sheet and calculated wage.
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Very nice 5 stars
This one is quite a nice app. I regularly use another one which is free, but absolutely nowhere near the options or functions that this one has. I find it difficult to pay $40 for this since it can all be done with other freebies, but since it is all integrated and done quite well and conveniently, maybe I will.
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Pixifex Pixifex

Filling a gap in the market 4 stars
This is an extremely cool little app. It fills a gaop for me where I used to use the big flash authoring apps just to get a simple transition between a couple photos in an swf format. There are only a couple things that are in need of attention with this one. 1 - the swf export is rather large (file size) compared to other software. 2 - It needs a few more options as far as adding text, etc.
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Secunia PSI Secunia PSI

Looks awesome - keeps crashing 5 stars
I agree with the above (below?) post, it does use a lot of ram when running, but i would not leave it running constantly anyway, I would like to use it every so often. Unfortunately, on my particular computer, it keeps crashing during the initial scan.
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Scanahand Scanahand

Fun stuff 4 stars
This is probably not a very good buy at 30 bucks, but then again I am frivolous with my paypal account. The resulting font is definitely cool and resembles your handwriting very closely. The only problem is that you have to install the font on any machine you want to see it on. People generally send an email saying "look at my cool font" but the recipient see's arial and has no clue what this crazy person is talking about. All in all, very entertaining and fun to use.
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Wise Registry Cleaner Free Wise Registry Cleaner Free

Easy to use but not great cleaning 3 stars
I have ran this on a few machines and found that it doesn't find many registry errors that some other products do. After running this one and having it find a couple hundred errors to fix, I then run regsupreme which find thousands of errors still present. I have used worse, but it's not the one I would call my reg cleaner of choice.
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RegToy RegToy

Very complete tweak tool 4 stars
This is an excellent tweaking tool for XP or Vista, the interface could use some work but i am sure it will get better as new versions are released. This freebie does what the pay "Tweak" tools do and more, a lot more.
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LP Recorder LP Recorder

Much too primitive for the cost 2 stars
For pretty much the same price, you can get [...], which will automatically split the tracks, name them according to a freedb lookup, place them in a folder named after the artist-album, create wav, mp3, ogg or wma, and burn to cd all in one go. This program falls way short of that for the money. I can do the same thing this does with any freebie recorder.
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Photo! Editor Photo! Editor

Very cool! 4 stars
The software is very cool and has some features for enhancement and editing that I have never seen before. Vicman always puts out unique apps, but he really needs some more bandwidth on his server.
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Plug and Browse Plug and Browse

Very good but not for me 4 stars
This is one of the few network config changers i have used that works well. The problem i have with it is that it must run in the system tray in order to use it on the fly. Unless you want to go to start>programs>etc to run it every time you need it. While sitting in the tray, it used about 40MB of ram, which seems to be a waste if you only use it one time to switch your location. I use one of the freebie macro applications here at snapfiles.com instead and create an icon on my desktop which turns NICs on and off.
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The software developer responded to this review on May 10, 2010: Plug and Browse can also create a shortcut on the desktop to switch locations. The agent in the System Tray can be turned off if needed.

Quick Media Converter Quick Media Converter

Good program - bad English 4 stars
This program is very nice and packed with versatility. The only problem is the English version is really bad. I am volunteering right now to translate for the author. The most unique thing about this program to me is that when you start it, the window comes flying in from the icon location, I did that like 10 times in a row :-)
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Media Jukebox Media Jukebox

The perfect media player 5 stars
I have been looking for this for a very long time! I need a music player for my laptop which goes to bar gigs with me, between my band sets we play music through the PA system from the laptop. One huge issue has always been mp3 files being different volumes, one sounds fine, the next blows peoples ear drums out. This media player has built in normalization! Along with a good equalizer (so many don't have one), clean and simple interface, fast loading and glitchless operation, this is definitely the one to have. Even if this was shareware, I would have bought it.
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Mix-FX Mix-FX

Update? 3 stars
I have owned a copy of this program for years and years. It creates pretty cool little swf files, but it has this annoying "smack" sound every time you click anything in the interface, I was hoping that would be gone or at least an option to shut it off with this new version but....what new version? The link from snapfiles and from mix-fx web site both still point to the same old 1.04 i have had for years. Not a display of a responsible developer.
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LaunchIt NOW! Plus LaunchIt NOW! Plus

It's ok, not the best 3 stars
I read the previous review and thought I had to try this. I have to disagree strongly. This program presents a large window with a mish-mash of shortcuts only after you click on it in the system tray (or leave it up all the time). This is no faster than just using the windows start menu. I have used Tray Commander for years now on all my computers, it is absolutely the best launcher I have ever used, and DOES have a backup and restore function.
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FTP Desktop FTP Desktop

Vista only??? 3 stars
This is the first software I have come across that would not install on xp or 2000. It said Vista or later. Wow, do they want to sell this thing or not? [Editor: Other versions are available from the homepage]
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CaptureWizPro CaptureWizPro

Not the easiest to use, but a darn good app 4 stars
I have 3 others I use regularly. this one I mostly use to capture myspace video as it plays. The interface is sort of confusing if you are not used to it, there are multiple screens to this app and each one has different sections. for example, the help screen on one window shows something different than the help screen in the configuration window. But I did like it enough to buy it, so there you go. I still use mwsnap for instant screen shots that save automatically.
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Glary Utilities Free Glary Utilities Free

I can't believe i missed this one 5 stars
Being a download-aholic and a computer tech, I cannot believe i missed this gem for so long. It just replaced about 4 other programs for me. I like to have two registry cleaners on hand, there is my main one and now this one replaces the secondary one i had been using. I also like the context menu items it adds for wiping files (another one it replaced), and I like that you can choose which context items you want. I think if this author wants to sell the pro version, he/she may have to disable this free one a little more.
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CoffeeCup Form Builder CoffeeCup Form Builder

I use it all the time 4 stars
I understand the complaints of the previous reviewer, there is some truth to what he says. But if you consider the alternative (creating forms by hand) this is a great time saver. The email field works fine if you check the required field box. The forms produced are much more professional looking than any others I have done by hand and for the most part, the tech guys are kind of rude, but if out talk them, they take a back seat :-)
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Inpaint Inpaint

Works for me 4 stars
Yes I agree with snapfiles review, it's not perfect, but after trying it, I purchased immediately. It beats the crap out of my old manual way of doing this. Once the program removes an object, you might see some sharp pixels that need to be blended, just use a blur within a graphics editor and it looks perfect. Saves me about 10 minutes per image. I am also keeping my fingers crossed for frequent updates.
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Speak-A-Message Speak-A-Message

Very nice app 5 stars
I have used one or two others which record an mp3/wma/wav and attach it to an email, but this one has a few extras that make it a bit better than the others. Outlook integration is nice and helps remind me that i have the thing installed :-)
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MovieSnapshot MovieSnapshot

Good for free 3 stars
Works fine, but is missing functionality. Like the ability to automatically grab and save 1 frame per second, etc.
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SiteUp SiteUp

Much too basic 3 stars
It's ok for someone who has a simple page hosted somewhere. But if you need to be alerted while not in front of your pc, you need something like ServersCheck, which can sms, IM, and much more.
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Gmail Drive Gmail Drive

Perfect 5 stars
I guess the previous reviewers must have had problems with older versions, but I have it installed on two pc's, one at home and one at work. It works perfectly. It reminds me of "WebDrive" accept this one works.
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PC Decrapifier PC Decrapifier

Ha!!! 5 stars
This is sooooo cool! I work on computers as a side job, and when people come to me asking to help configure a new dell or something before they order, I always tell them that when it comes in the mail, don't even open the box, just bring it to me and let me take off all the crap. This app does exactly what I am thinking! HUGE Kudos to whoever wrote this one!
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Wiki Clicky Wiki Clicky

I was waiting for something like this 4 stars
I seem to have a sixth sense about which web sites will become huge players on the net. I was waiting for some kind of Wikipedia instant search tool. Well, here it is, but I wish it were just a simple context menu selection rather than an app running in the sys tray. Other than that it is great for those who need this kind of thing.
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DriveSitter DriveSitter

Excellent tool 5 stars
This is a must have for people running Windows based servers of any kind. I like the fact that it will send email warnings for different scenarios, not just a complete drive failure. Auto updates, drives temps displayed in the sys tray in celcius, fahrenheit and other units I never knew existed.
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mYspike mYspike

Could have been great 4 stars
If the author would have kept up on development of this software, it would be awesome. As it stands, it is still better than the other 3 I tried out today. But the "watch" function seems to not work along with directbid and it says all the auctions are finished, which they are not. It will not connect to a time server when you tell it to sync, and then it locks up. Bummer because it would have been a keeper.
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UpdateStar UpdateStar

Very cool 4 stars
This is actually a fresh idea, rather than yet another burner or photo gallery maker. I have tons of software I purchased online, regularly about 300+ programs, every so often I get the bug to go look for updates and now this thing does it for me, too cool! It even takes you right to the download url on most.
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Xion Audio Player Xion Audio Player

Good but... 4 stars
The skins are very cool, lots to choose from. But, the playlist, eq and other windows do not get skinned. They remain win95 looking, ugly and outdated. I have tried so many players trying to get away from winamp, but none have the full package to compete. Jet audio has come the closest, but still has it's problems. As the snapfiles review board said, this is a good player but probably not for audiophiles.
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Flexdict Flexdict

Heavy, baron, expensive 3 stars
Another reviewer said "light footprint", if 13MB of ram used up with it sitting in the tray is light for an app doing nothing until you trigger it, then ok, light footprint (sarcasm). Not only that but the only other function I found was that it can speak the work if you want it to. But then again, with the MS voice engine, if you pronounce a word like that, people will think you have something wrong with you. This app is actually not terrible, but not worth $20
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Cerberus FTP Server Cerberus FTP Server

Yet to find a con 5 stars
I have used many ftp server apps, mainly because I am addicted to downloading and trying software, even if I am happy with what I already have. This one is very fast, light on the resources, has features like autoban, and directories are extremely simple to set up per user. It is a great ftp server. So unless you are just trying things for the sake of trying them, look no further.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($79.00) Details...

Panorama2Flash Panorama2Flash

Extremely lacking 2 stars
This app does work, but it lacks features badly. There are practically no options. It makes a simple flash panorama from an existing panoramic photo, creates a web page to display it in, and that's it. It does allow for multiple files processed at once, but I would think there would be template options, hot spot links to link the pano's together, etc. Too simple to be useful for me.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($49.95) Details...
The software developer responded to this review on Sep 16, 2008: Panorama2Flash is a simple application for batch publishing Flash panorama tours. For creating professional virtual tours with hotspots, templates, maps, and many other interactive components, Tourweaver is the choice. For those who only do single Flash panoramas, Panorama2Flash can help to save a lot of time. The two products are developed to meet different needs of people.

Serv-U Serv-U

Good but not great 2 stars
I actually purchased this years ago and still use it on one of my servers. Since then I have found others that are much better. Compared to others like cerberous or filezilla, this one is quite clunky and slow. No export or import of user accounts, and you have to keep buying it in order to keep getting updates. The ban ip feature has never worked for me, if I ban an IP, then the service is inaccessible to anyone, not just the banned IP. Confusing to set up as well.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($495.00) Details...

Demo Builder Demo Builder

Worth the price 5 stars
$200.00 may seem steep for what seems to be a screen capture program on steroids, but I have been using this for a couple years now, and it is worth every penny. The developer is right on top of things, updates and major upgrades are seen quite often. Features being added that I never thought of but now can't do without. Small, streaming flash files when the project is exported. Everything is customizable, the list of pro's is endless. if you need to create tutorials and how to guides, this is the one.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($199.00) Details...

FreeCommander XE FreeCommander XE

Great for mp3 players 5 stars
This is just what i was looking for to replace the bulky crap software that comes with hardware mp3 players. The manufacturer integrates the install with the driver install, so most non-techie users think they have to use the 'super dooper mp3 copier to player bulk-o-matic" to populate their player with music. When most mp3 players will simply open within windows explorer. Music collection in one pane, mp3 player in the other, copy/paste, can't get any easier.
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jetAudio Basic jetAudio Basic

Now it`s up to par 5 stars
I have tried this over and over within the past few years, always something that bothered me. But now it is much more advanced and is now my media player of choice (for audio, video freezes more than not), great free app, comes with jet broadcast which is extremely cool accept for a few bugs or needed enhancements. My old fav, winamp, is getting a bit pushy with the whole 3rd party installs unless you pay close attention when installing it.
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RecentX RecentX

Why? 2 stars
I see no use for this at all. It is extra clicks to open programs, folders, etc. If you have folders and things you access frequently, don't you normally put shortcuts on the desktop that DON'T take up a bunch of system resource? It also did not see any web sites I went to, most likely because I use avant browser, not IE. No favs show up because avant uses online storage. When I closed the program, it crashed and wanted to send info to the developer to help them figure it out, not a bad thing, but it did crash on close which means everything I just did was lost (would matter if I liked the app)
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($29.95) Details...

Tray Commander Tray Commander

Perfect for many jobs 5 stars
Not only is this a perfect little shortcut organizer, but all the other functions that it allows, like clearing history, cookies, etc. all by just clicking the shortcut within the menu. Customizable to the max, with things like text pastes (which beats the crap out of others I have tried and reviewed), I purchased this and have used it every day since. It is now part of my windows installation and probably always will be. Unless I am forced into using that pile of junk called vista, and it won't allow TC to run or something vista-ish like that.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($24.95) Details...

MultiTranse MultiTranse

Ok, but not for the price 2 stars
I would expect this to be freeware since it basically just pulls in info from web sites that ARE free. It almost seems like it's using bablefish alone for it's translations. For a shareware product I would think it would have many many more languages.
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Koma-Mail Koma-Mail

Gone are the days when this app was mediocre 5 stars
I just tried this one again for the first time in two years. It is now my favorite portable email client. Extremely easy to set up accounts, calendar with reminders similar to outlook, rss feed reader (which is kind of primitive), tons of options, I even made it my default client on my laptop. Makes Thunderbird seem clunky (default client before this one took over today) though Thunderbird`s rss reader is much better.
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HFS - HTTP File Server HFS - HTTP File Server

This thing is just too cool 5 stars
What else can I say, this application is great. The only things I wish it had: An Installer version along with the stand alone, a better explanation of virtual vs real folders, and a disallow file type list for uploads. Other than that, it is awesome and the developer seems to keep working on it, so it does not seem as though it will be unsupported any time soon. All in all a great app.
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MP3 Cat MP3 Cat

I see no use for this 2 stars
After playing with it for about 10 minutes after letting it add all my songs to the database (which it had trouble with a few songs), it seemed like windows explorer with less functionality. I mean, I can right click and tell a song to play from just about any app. And looking up an album on amazon, why? Can't I do that manually? I don't see much organization other than a tree view by artist. There are freebies out there that put this app to shame.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($18.00) Details...

ImgBurn ImgBurn

Excellent 5 stars
A pretty good alternative to winiso, and more. As another reviewer said, I can't believe it's free. I have found no bugs or odd limitations, burns and creates iso's well and accurate. Plus many other unexpected features. I like it :-)
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Email Stripper Email Stripper

Notepad shortcut 3 stars
I can do the same thing with the replace all function in notepad. Not that a good shortcut isn't a good thing, but this one is just too useless for me.
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PhotoMeister PhotoMeister

Awesome 5 stars
Easy one button enhancement for us "just do it for me" people. Create flash or html web albums, screen savers, batch conversion/compression, pdf or printed photo books, slide shows, burn photo CDs. Very nice for free.
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Prism Video File Converter Prism Video File Converter

Fast and works well 5 stars
I had some .3g2 files from my motorola phone I needed to convert, after not finding an app that would do it, I downloaded this one, changed the file extension on the video files to .avi, loaded them into this app and it converter them quite quickly to mpg, then i also converted them to wmv. Works great but leaves about 40 links to their other products in your start menu. Which is not bad for me because i am a shareware-aholic :-)
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($60.00) Details...

Internet Video Converter Internet Video Converter

Works very well 5 stars
As an alternative to some other out there made available by bigger name shareware companies, this one does the same job and more. The only thing it is missing is more page templates, but if you know any html, you can simply make your own.
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Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox

What`s the hype about? 2 stars
Personally, I have tried this several times thinking I must be missing something really cool because everyone raves over it. I am starting to think the rave is just to spite Microsoft. This browser is bulky and uncomfortable to me. I use Avant browser, have for years, it has much better features and it's fast. When will this FAD end?
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Stick Stick

Bulky novelty 2 stars
There are a few things I do not like about this application. First, it takes a lot of system resource to run it, which means for an app like this which needs to run at startup if it is going to be useful, it slows the pc down considerably. Also, when I uninstalled it i got an error of some kind (yes, i exited the program first). The rss tab is kind of neat but you have to make it quite large in order to read the feed easily, which I can do in my browser anyway. The notes are ok I guess, but if anyone uses outlook, then why use this? The tabs are jittery when they roll up and down, there is no "global" tab settings, you have to set each tabs preferences individually. I like neat apps like this, but it's just not worth the resource it uses.
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Lingoes Translator Lingoes Translator

Wow, cool! 5 stars
Man is this ever a neat little thing! I work tech support for a software company and I get a lot of emails from people who do not speak English, this is a great help in that area. I love that it takes up minimal system resource and it's so fast, just hold shift and mouse over any word for a definition and other options. Very nice.
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Photoscape Photoscape

Must have 5 stars
I am by no means a graphic artist, but I do all the artwork for my web sites, cd covers, etc. I have always used a combination of a few programs to accomplish what I needed. There is a VERY old app called iPphoto plus that I have kept around since the windows 95 days because it has a couple simple functions that are much harder to do in todays higher end apps. But this Photoscape fills that gap. So many useful functions and so easy to use. this a must have for those of us out here who do not want to pay for expensive editing software, but can get what we need done with combinations of apps like this one. Excellent graphics app here, donwload and keep this one. One thing is ironic though, it is a graphics editor (among other things) yet the buttons are large, gray, square and cumbersome...looks like a win98 app.
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Zoner Panorama Maker Zoner Panorama Maker

Better than most others 5 stars
I unfortunately paid almost $600.00 for some software which included a stitching app like this. The Zoner Panorama Maker works much better, faster, easier than the arm and leg app! So my plan is to buy this to do the stitching and then use the image in the arm and leg app to create the web tours. If this company completed the package by selling a panoramic tour making app along with panorama maker, i would return the other one and purchase theirs.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($9.99) Details...

PhraseExpress PhraseExpress

Has some glitches 3 stars
At first I thought this was the best thing since pizza, but then I started noticing that it sometimes did not paste the text and I would have to do it all over again. Also, it nags you to buy the full version if you use it a lot.
showShow review details License: Free Details...
The software developer responded to this review on May 21, 2008: Thank you for sharing your experience with PhraseExpress. PhraseExpress is free-of-charge for personal use and the program is determining commercial use by the phrase contents. Unfortunately, this detection mechanism was far too sensitive and we improved it in the latest version. It would be great if you would give PhraseExpress a second chance. Our apologies for the trouble you may have experienced. Your PhraseExpress Team

Image Eye Image Eye

Great for windows 2000 4 stars
I have been looking a long time for a program that behaves like the xp image and fax viewer. Simple, fast viewer with no frills. I need it for a win2k machine I have that is not all that fast but holds thousands of images. this works great for that purpose. I would not recommend it for xp since the image and fax viewer is fine, or for vista since it has a "semi-working" app for similar use. But for 98, me and 2000, this one is great.
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Rapid PHP Editor Rapid PHP Editor

Love it 5 stars
I use this for everything from editing php/html to viewing source and text editing. I love the "open from ftp" feature.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($39.85) Details...

SnipIT SnipIT

Too cool not to have installed 5 stars
It's a small add-on, but a very neat and useful one once you get used to it being there. The format of the email that comes up is very nice and professional looking, and it even covers web based email accounts like yahoo, hotmail, etc. Neat little add-on, grab it!
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Perfect for tech people 5 stars
I have this on a usb drive that I carry with me when i go on calls to fix pc's. It does an excellent job of telling me what is what on each pc. I mostly use it for a quick reference to hardware so I can easily find the latest drivers. But it's also great for finding out what is running and what is starting at boot. Great sysinfo tool.
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Spider Player Pro Spider Player Pro

Good but not good enough 4 stars
It is a decent player, but lacks a few things. One of major issues I have is the equalizer spectrum is to narrow. Winamp and other high end players give a range of 60hz to 10k or better. This one give 80hz to 14k. So I will not be using this to test any recordings or when I want to hear a nice "thump". I do like the simplistic ripper though, and it is lighter on the resources than most others. It does lack in the skin department as well, the default spider skin is rather clumsy looking and the other wmp classic is too "windows 95" looking. Fix the eq and I'm sold.
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The software developer responded to this review on Nov 23, 2008: Thank you for your comments. Since version 2.0, Spider Player includes new equalizer, which sounds better and has a wider range: 31Hz-16KHz.

Viewpoint Toolbar Viewpoint Toolbar

It`s ok 3 stars
It's just another toolbar with novelty functions to cluter up your browser. More than that, it is a huge advertisement for fotomat, trying to get you to print pics online. I can say I have seen worse toolbars, but the functionality is just not worth the real estate it takes up. As far as the bookmarking goes, you have to export the bookmarks in order to get them to another pc. I use Avant Browser, have for years. It has online storage of all your bookmarks and autofills, so they are common to all computers you own and/or use. I'm gonna have to give this one the "It was fun for 5 minutes" rating.
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FTP Password Recovery FTP Password Recovery

Does what it is supposed to do 3 stars
This is up in the air as far as yes/no is concerned. Yes it worked as a local fake ftp server and shows the user/pass for all accounts that I used to log into it. Which is great if you are switching computers and need to enter your ftp info into the new pc's ftp client. As far as recovering passwords for users of my ftp server, no it does not do that unless you let it run in place of the actual ftp server software, wait until everyone tries to log in, and collect the passwords. But that is not what is advertised, so it is not an issue. When you close this app, it launches your browser pointed to the authors web site. Ok I guess since this is a one time per new pc app.
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Flash Video Studio Flash Video Studio

Finally a good one 5 stars
I recently (and regretably) purchased a program from another company for this same purpose. It doesn't convert any video. I tried it on 4 machines and it will not work. This one however, worked first time. And the options for watermarking and effects are great. The file was very small for the quality i chose to render and I am going to purchase this one as soon as I am done typing this. If you need to publish video to the web in streaming format, this is your tool.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($39.95) Details...

DTaskManager DTaskManager

Yep, this is the one 5 stars
As I downloaded this I was thinking, ok if this one lets me set it as the default task manager, it is a winner. And guess what? It does! Stand alone file, no installation, so put it anywhere you want, and it now comes up whenever I use ctl+alt+del, or any other call for task manager. The options it gives you to manipulate and find info on processes are excellent, perfect for putting on a USB stick and using on other peoples computer that have a need to track down running baddies.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

WinSnap WinSnap

Agreed that is a great screen capture app 4 stars
But it only has one or two things that some of the free ones don't. Like MWSnap, which is fine for me. I do like this one, but not for the money they are asking. I mean, I could simply use print screen or Atl+Shift+Print screen for a window capture, and it's free.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($24.95) Details...

Exact Audio Copy Exact Audio Copy

Perfect and then some 5 stars
I agree with everything said by reviewer "charlesk" below. To add to it, this program reads and corrects errors better than most so called cd data recovery applications(some support audio ripping). I have ripped disks with EAC that looked awful and would not play in most players. Just let EAC configure your drives on installation and choose for it to read as accurately as possible. Now you have the best tool you could hope for to save your scratched up cd's. Some people might hope for a prettier interface that has animation and such, but I am not one of those people. My XP machines even look like 98 on steroids :-) Less flash = More fast
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What are you people comlaining about? 5 stars
As of this version, it will auto scan your drive in the trial version. It imports anything the files have embedded in them. Personally it would take me forever to enter everything, even with the auto scan feature, I have a lot of software :-) Even so, this product is great, it can auto backup your DB, use screen shots, and hundreds of other options that any software freak would love. I will most likely buy this one, probably so I can export to an html file and show off to my friends :-)
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($29.95) Details...

Color Pilot Color Pilot

Works pretty good 4 stars
The first pic I did with it worked great, then I had trouble getting others to do much. It seems like certain conditions must exist before much of a change takes place. But it was very cool on the one it worked with.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($26.00) Details...

Easy HTML To Any Script Converter Easy HTML To Any Script Converter

Didn't work for me 3 stars
I input the source from one of my html pages via the clipboard, generated php code, pasted it into a new php document, uploaded to me web server and then opened it in my browser to find......rubbish. A bunch of out of place tables, no images, code showing, etc. BUT, i do like the email address java encoder feature, it works fine and is a good way to keep spam spiders from getting your address off a web site.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

Easy Web Editor Easy Web Editor

Not so impressive 2 stars
I have used a lot of web editors in the past several years, starting of course with front page, and moving on to many others. In this day and age, css and absolute positioning of objects (drag and drop) is the standard. less code, better seo. This app makes that hard to accomplish.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($79.00) Details...

Potaro Potaro

It has potential 4 stars
Once installed, this looks like a great application with nice features and options. But I get an error when I try to do just about anything while it's server is running. I can get some music to play, but I have a library of about 5880 songs and it was scanning the directory at about 1 song per second, so how long would that take? I will try it again when it's out of beta stages.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

Quick 3D Cover Quick 3D Cover

I really like this one 5 stars
I have tried many box shot makers in the past couple years. This one is the coolest yet, mostly because of all the templates. I love the cd/dvd/lcd/book/binder/box, and more! True, you cannot rotate the image as you can in other apps of a similar nature, but this one is still cooler in my opinion. If the company keeps adding templates, I am sold and will buy this one.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($67.50) Details...

Desktop Sidebar Desktop Sidebar

This is one cool add-on 4 stars
Where to start; Firstly, I am not fond of things taking up my desktop space, so on my regular 19" LCD, this is too much space taken, but on my wide screen laptop it is just fine. It did crash several times as I was setting up the panels i wanted to display and changing skins. But once all that is taken care of, it runs fine. As for light on the resources; at first it showed only 6MB PF usage, but shot up to 23MB after a reboot. Not so light, but does replace my email checker, so there is a trade off. I love how outlooks folders are integrated in the sidebar, very cool to preview and even reply to emails right from there. The clock is cool, stock reports (if you are into that kind of thing), POP email checker for the rest of your accounts, which I have 12 being checked currently by poptray. One thing that steers me away is the fact that there are only 66 total add on panels available by other users, which makes me think the app has been abandoned by most.
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Excellent software 5 stars
My company bought this upon my recommendation for a particular task. We use it to move video files off of a Codian IPVCR which we use for video conferencing. They get moved to a backup server on the lan if they are X-X-XX old. It works perfectly and very intuitively. And I love the fact that it iconizes the app rather than putting yet another icon in my system tray. By Iconize, it minimizes to a desktop icon that is actually running. I Recommend this to anyone who needs software for similar tasks.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($99.95) Details...

Any to Icon Any to Icon

Great concept 5 stars
I have been using this for years. It is better than any icon studio or icon editor app because you can simply use your favorite graphics editor app to make an image (any size) and then save it as a bmp or jpg, etc. then use any to icon to convert it to a perfect icon with any number of the different options available for color depth, etc. Can't get any easier.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($24.95) Details...

VinylStudio VinylStudio

Not quite there yet 2 stars
I am a regular use of Spin It Again from Acoustica, so I though i would try this one out since it is similar. Problems for me are that it has no cleaning effects at all. Your recording is as dirty and full of crackles as it was on the LP. Also, the online lookup is nice but I still had to enter all track names manually. High quality mp3 (according to this app) is 172kbps, not my idea of high quality mp3 files. Although it will record to wave as well and I could convert to mp3 in a different program. It has no burning engine and uses IMAPI, so it will not burn a cd if you do not have Windows XP or Vista. The automatic track splitting did not work at all for the recording I did, and it was a plane jane music tape. Also, it did not warn me that my level might be too high until i was many minutes into the recording. So I just let it go anyway. The recording sounds fine, but I could have done the same thing with audacity or other freeware.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($29.95) Details...

Slide Show Movie Maker Slide Show Movie Maker

Incredibly slow 3 stars
5 pictures with default random transitions. 15 minutes to render the avi? This is pretty cool for free, but I'm gonna have to pass on it because it is so slow.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

Helium Music Manager Helium Music Manager

Options galore 4 stars
This is a really nice looking program that offers loads of options for just about everything you would ever want to know, do or manipulate about an audio file. The learning curve seems a bit large, but I am sure once a person uses it for a few days it will become second nature. The only problem I had was that it froze on me when adding only 89 files to the database. They are all stored on a network drive, but this is a gigabit network so it should not be a problem. The program does a great job displaying info about artists and songs and other info you never would have thought needed, but is cool to have if you have the time to fill it all in. Definitely a must have for a serious music collector. I also find the equalizer a bit underdeveloped, but I am an eq freak so it may be just me. Worth a test or 15 (that's how many uses you get in the trial). I don't care if it calls home, I do not plan on using an illegal code so nothing to worry about.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($29.00) Details...

ZipGenius ZipGenius

Why in your right mind would you... 5 stars
Spend money on a archive app when this one is available for free? I have been using it for years, i do not think it is overkill, it is much faster to unzip a file by simply right clicking it, rather than opening winzip and blah blah,etc. Now the new version has a separate ftp client (not the best) and a really awesome 'convert to exe" function which I simply love! The new file splitter thing, well, I could take it or leave it, floppies are out. Even if this app cost a few bucks, I would buy it over any other without hesitation. Kudos to the author!!!
showShow review details License: Free Details...

MP3Gain MP3Gain

Works well most of the time 4 stars
I have been using this one for a couple of years now, it works well and works well with huge batch jobs, accept once in a while there will be an mp3 that it cannot work with for some reason. Also, I have noticed it sometimes leaves small "blips" in the resulting normalized audio file. Slightly destructive but good as long as you do not run it on the same file multiple times. My preference is to use the real time normalizer in my jukebox pc's sound card, it is basically a software compression unit.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker

Best of the best 5 stars
Not only is this program easy to use with a very small learning curve, but it comes with tons of free art packs you download separately giving you thousands of images to use besides the ability to use your own. Also, having just gotten into the lightscribe world, this is perfect for me!
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($21.95) Details...

Access Manager Access Manager

Only one problem 4 stars
I have been spoiled by Avant Browser's online storage feature which stores all my info online. This means that any pc I log my browser into gets all my passwords and such. If this app had an online feature it would be awesome.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

Mobysaurus Thesaurus Mobysaurus Thesaurus

Great for writers 5 stars
I am a song writer and this app has been a huge help in creating intuitive lyrics for my latest cd. Thanks to the author!
showShow review details License: Free Details...

DJ Twist and Burn DJ Twist and Burn

Very unique 5 stars
This is just too cool! Changing tempo without changing pitch, and vice versa, beat matching, this is like a dance club DJ's dream application. The default settings worked great for me too, and i love the loads of effects i can play with per song or per batch. The app also automatically boosts audio files that may be a little lower in volume.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($39.95) Details...

WYSIWYG Web Builder WYSIWYG Web Builder

Best of it`s kind 5 stars
Like a lot of people, I started off using front page, then went to Namo web editor (which I still use), then decided to give this whole CSS thing a try. After trying 5 or 6 apps, this one stuck out like a bar of gold in a crap factory. I bought it and love the drag and drop positioning. No frames? who'd of ever thunk it :-)
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($39.95) Details...

Mystica Mystica

Tons of potential 4 stars
This is a really cool app for people who create things like web page backgrounds, video overlays and even bump maps for game creation. The one thing about it that I can't get passed is that any change to an image takes seemingly forever to render a view. So if you plan to tweak and tweak, you might also plan to wait and wait.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($15.00) Details...

WebShot WebShot

Kind of cool I suppose 4 stars
Rather than taking a normal screen shot of a web page (as often as I need to do that?) This app will take the shot of the whole page, not just what shows in the browser. Has a few quirks, but still pretty neat for free.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

Acoustica MP3 CD Burner Acoustica MP3 CD Burner

Wma files 5 stars
All Acoustica apps do support WMA files. But not DRM protected ones. No software can use, change, burn or manipulate in any way a DRM protected WMA file. This is NOT a limitation of this software, but a restriction placed within the files by Microsoft. If you purchase and download protected WMA files, it's your own fault that the only app that will do anything with them is Windows Media Player.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($29.95) Details...

Spin It Again Spin It Again

Best of it's kind 5 stars
There are not many apps out there that specialize in this type of procedure, this one is so easy to use and the noise removal and equalizing effects are superb. I have transferred at least 40 cassettes, 10 LP's and even some audio from an old reel to reel, using this program. Perfect as far as I am concerned.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($39.95) Details...

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus Ad-Aware Free Antivirus

Why is this so popular? 3 stars
I admit, when I was less experienced with malware and virus problems and how to fix them, I too downloaded adaware regularly. But compared to some of the power apps like Spyware Terminator, and what used to be Ewido, ad-aware is a kids toy. It misses tons of "baddies" and does a terrible job removing stubborn ones that it does find. On the good side, the developers do keep up to date as far as regularly updating the database. but this app just does not do the job well enough. Same review can be applied to the never dying "Spybot".
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PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor

Little more than windows sound recorder 2 stars
Compared to top of the line apps for this purpose, like Acoustica's Spin It Again, this program lacks just about everything. I can do the same things in any app that will record. The noise removal functions are poor at best.
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Collectorz.com Music Collector Collectorz.com Music Collector

Too complex for the casual collector 3 stars
This is a great program but it lacks a few things. One, I buy ALL my cd's as downloads, so it really needs the ability to look up cd info via mp3 tags. Then let the user decide which songs he/she may or may not have from that disk. Secondly, I could not get it to download album art automatically. Then I ran across the plethora of options, inputs, etc. and decided it was just too much work in order to show off my cd collection.
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Folder Marker Folder Marker

Excellent 5 stars
I try a LOT of software, every day of my computer geek life :-) Most get uninstalled after a couple uses. This one is still here and still in use. I like that I can visually differentiate certain folders, using colors, icons and even custom imported icons. The restore to default works fine for me, I must have gotten lucky :-)
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FlyakiteOSX FlyakiteOSX

Amazing 5 stars
I have read the opinions of some who have trouble with this app. Which is understandable if you have had your XP machine running for a couple years and have made alterations. But I installed this on a new installation of XP Pro and it went perfectly without a hitch. It (surprisingly) takes very little system resource, and looks/feels just like a Mac! I am not a fan of OSX but wanted to see how well this app performed. Everything is great and I am writing this review from the XP machine I installed it on. Lot's of neat little tricks, cool toolbar, etc. I suppose if you like OSX's look but want the PC flexibility, install this immediately after a fresh install of XP.
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Bitmap to Icon Wizard Bitmap to Icon Wizard

It works with some effort 3 stars
In this day and age, we are as lazy as humanly possible when it comes to computing. This app would have won best app of the year in 1991, but i use Any2Icon for this task because you can simply save any image, jpg, gif, bmp, etc. Even save right from a web page, no editing. Load it and the app resizes it on it's own. With quite a few options. This one takes the effort of resizing images in an external editor.
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SyncBackSE SyncBackSE

Great program, but .... 4 stars
It is missing an important feature. Some people need to use it for source=FTP and destination= LOCAL. It has only the opposite. I realize that you can simply reverse the rules to make it behave as if the source was the destination and vice cersa, but it would be nice to have the option if i am going to pay for an app that was free a couple months ago.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($34.95) Details...
The software developer responded to this review on Nov 27, 2006: Thanks for your feedback. The source and destination are just labels. You can re-label them however you wish at any time (including the time you create the profile) so you can call the Source the Destination, or FTP Server, or anything you like. SyncBackSE has been commercial software for nearly two years and was never free. SyncBack freeware (a different product) has been available for over three years.

zFTPServer Suite (Personal) zFTPServer Suite (Personal)

Excellent but familiar 4 stars
This FTP server works great, I wish I would have found it earlier. The one thing that makes me wonder....FileZilla FTP server is free, and this looks like a fancy GUI built on top of Filezilla. No tool tips, add user, add group, everything is the same. Hmmm?
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($13.00) Details...
The software developer responded to this review on Dec 15, 2006: "FileZilla FTP server is free, and this looks like a fancy GUI built on top of Filezilla." - I take that as a huge compliment :-) FileZilla FTP server has been around for a very long time, and if my software is as good (or even better) than that I m very glad to hear it! - But please note, this is my own work all the way through... Have you enabled the "advanced settings"? - zFTPServer has loads of settings/abilities that FileZilla cannot even dream of handling (e.g. the advanced Virtual File System) :-)

ScanRnServer ScanRnServer

Limited 3 stars
I would say for people who use scanners for photo's primarily, this is a great program. But for those of use who scan directly to PDF, OCR to docs or other formats, this was just false excitement. I have long wondered why some company has not made software to enable shared scanners.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($18.99) Details...

Sothink Tree Menu Sothink Tree Menu

I am always a sucker for nice menus 5 stars
I happen to like the tree type menu for web site navigation. This app comes with some really cool templates that are fairly easy to alter. I was pleasantly surprised that it allows you to "publish" to an include file to be used in php or other pages. I would have put the code in an .inc file anyway, but it did it for me. Nice app.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($59.95) Details...

EssentialPIM Free EssentialPIM Free

Acts and feels like outlook 4 stars
Someone did a very good job creating an outlook replica minus the email portion. This program looks, acts and feels like outlook. Takes up about 21MB of ram when running so I would not allow it to start with windows. I really don't see the point in using this if you have outlook. It is, however, very very nice.
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Avant Browser Avant Browser

Best yet 5 stars
I have been using this browser for a couple years, and this latest release is the absolute best yet. I LOVE the online bookmarks syncing! Too bad it runs on IE or it could knock it off the map.
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Comodo Internet Security Comodo Internet Security

Would not work for me 3 stars
When I saw this app I though "cool, something similar to the late, great Sygate"! It is fairly similar but it would not let anything access internet or network. After clicking allow on everything I needed, I went in to the advanced options and allowed certain apps full access......nothing. I even chose the "allow all" option which is supposed to turn off the firewall, but I still had no internet or network connectivity. After fighting it for about 15 minutes, I had to uninstall and go back to my trusty sygate.
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Stickies Stickies

For those without outlook 4 stars
This is a cool app, it seem to leave a fairly small footprint on your pc resources. The options are great, the networking and email functions are great to send stickies back and forth to people or PCs in your friends list, instant connectivity over a LAN. The only complaint I have is that after closing the app and re-opening, it revert my sticky titles back to their original before i edited them, which is the first line of the note. This is much too long. I titled my notes thing like "lunch" or "meeting" and after closing and re-opening, the notes now have the titles, "lunch at subway with Marianne and mari" and "Board meeting at 10am in the committee room, bring notes on project x". If not for this flaw, the program would be perfect for those without outlook, and it's own notes functionality with reminders and everything else this one has (depending on if you have an exchange server, or a third party pst share)
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Droppix Label Maker Deluxe Droppix Label Maker Deluxe

Great for lightscribe 4 stars
This is a great app for lightscribe users. I got nero with my LS drive and it's label maker is just terrible. So I looked for another that supports LS technology. There only a few since LS is fairly new and this one works great.
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ReNamer Lite ReNamer Lite

Only one i have ever kept after using 5 stars
Once in a while I needed to rename multiple files, so I would jump on the net and grab any renamer i came across. But this one I kept because it was so simple and works perfectly. I now purchase music files from a web site regularly and they come named some very funky way, so I use this with 3 rules stacked to take a bunch of mp3 files from a 40 character name full of underscores, dots and numbers, into just the song name.mp3 Does them alll at once and does them all correctly every time. I use Inno Setup as well for any app I write, it seems to me that the guy above has got some computer trouble and does not realize it.
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Web Update Builder Web Update Builder

This is an awesome app 5 stars
For me, I host a lot of web sites, and some of the self proclaimed webmasters are clueless. This makes it so easy for them to edit their pages. And I can customize every aspect of what they can and cannot edit, which saves me from a phone call at midnight on a Tuesday from someone who needs me to restore a file they have screwed up. This is exactly what I have been looking for, for quite some time. I even tried to write my own app just like this using xml and VB. But I am not the worlds best programmer so instead I made a screen saver :-) The price seems high when just about every app out there is 40 to 50 bucks. But this pays for itself very quickly once I distribute the created EXE files to my customers since I no longer get calls to help edit sites, my time is worth money when I can be working on other projects.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($199.00) Details...

SpeedMenus SpeedMenus

Different than others 4 stars
Pretty cool little launch app. It is kind of strange to set up at first, but once you understand it, you are off and running. I like the scrolling info at the top of each menu box. The one gripe I have about it is that it sits in the system tray and was using over 26MB of ram just sitting there. I am also not a big fan of extra stuff sticking out of the sides of my screen. But overall, it's an original idea for a launcher and would be great for some people.
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AudioGrabber AudioGrabber

One complaint 5 stars
The only complaint I have about this one is that it seems to have been abandoned. No update since 2004? FreeDB is in trouble right now, what will the author do if it goes down?
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BlazeDVD Professional BlazeDVD Professional

Good app but why? 3 stars
Why would anyone pay $50 for this when they can buy a DVD-ROM or Burner for about the same price and get a free edition of Cyberlink Power DVD with it?
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MyUninstaller MyUninstaller

Under 5 stars? you're kidding right? 5 stars
This is the most useful thing I have ever used, and have been using it for years. Not only can you do the plain old uninstall. But it also show items without uninstallers, and the best part is that it shows you where on the pc the files are located, what the web address is, the company name, version, etc. It is miles beyond the plain add/remove within windows CP. Oh, almost forgot. It is great for detecting spyware too, how??? It will sort the items by installation date, so if you just got some 3rd party crap installed with your new P2P app, just open my Uninstaller and sort by date, you will see what has been installed today and can start removing it from there, or at least know what was installed so you can fight it.
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Realty Mailer Realty Mailer

$160? 2 stars
Yeah, you can edit (simple editing) images and send then via email, but I can do that with OE or Outlook or any other email client, and if I need to do some editing first, there are plenty of free quick editors out there that do a better job. This company is dreaming if they think people are going to pay this price. This program is hardly worth more than free.
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Eusing Free Registry Cleaner Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Not by itself but... 4 stars
This is a pretty good product, it makes a prenamed backup before cleaning what it has found to be bad registry entries. However, most people recommend you use more than one reg cleaner because they find different bad entries. I use this one, then run regsupreme, which then find a boat load of things that this one did not find. But both of them together seem to do pretty good.
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iColorFolder iColorFolder

I like it 4 stars
I was using Rainbow Folders for this task, but I like a few features from this app a little better. One feature is the choice of skins, so not only can I change the color of a folder but the style as well. RF does not do this, BUT RF does have a much wider spectrum of colors to choose from. The only thing I find about this app that annoys me is that when you apply a new skin, all your icons arrange by name on your desktop. So I have to put them all back where I want them afterwards. All in all, I like this one better.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

SendTo FTP SendTo FTP

Love it 5 stars
I thought I liked the "explorer" style from WSFTP the best of my ftp apps. But for a single or a few files, this one is really cool. Once you have it set up, it is a snap to transfer stuff with little or no effort. The program comes with only two extensions configured to send in ascii mode though, probably need to copy an ascii list from another ftp program and add them into this one to avoid corrupt files of certain types. That's the only thing I have found that's not perfect about this app.
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ScreenVirtuoso PRO ScreenVirtuoso PRO

This is awesome! 5 stars
I have another tutorial creation program that does screen shots with animated cursors and other things, it's great, but sometimes I need actual video, and this program does the job perfectly. It allows me to speak into a mic while recording my screen capture, and when I'm done I have it convert to flash. This also creates a web page that has the flash movie already embedded, and it compresses more than I expected, which is a good thing. There are other options for converting, bitrate, sound/no sound, and many more. The author has updated it at least once per month that I can tell which tells me he/she is on top of things. The only complaint I have is that the flash conversion is very slow, but I am sure that will get better with future versions.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($39.00) Details...

Belkasoft Forensic IM Extractor Belkasoft Forensic IM Extractor

Or you could 3 stars
Simply look at the txt files that the IM uses to log the chat sessions. I could understand the use of this app if it was free, but $40 to read text files for you? I understand that it sorts conversation by user name, but you can do that by looking at the log files yourself.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($49.95) Details...
The software developer responded to this review on Aug 11, 2006: Please try to simply look on icq 99a-2003b txt files , on yahoo or andrq history files and you will understand why the software costs $40. These IMs uses proprietary formats which are not easy to recover.

Shrink Pic Shrink Pic

Perfect 5 stars
This is exactly what my family needs. None of them are techie like I am so I get 10MB in pics in the mail all the time. I will be installing this on all their pc's ASAP. And they don't even need to know about it :-), it will just resize without interaction. Great idea and a great job building it.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

HovText HovText

This is perfect 5 stars
I work for a company where I update a website frequently. Most departments send me their updates in word.doc format, so I have to copy the text, paste into notepad to get rid of the formatting, copy again and paste to the web page. Obviously this app takes out a few steps for me. Great little green box to have in your clocks corner if you do web editing or anything else that takes copy/paste from one doc type to another.
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RK Launcher RK Launcher

Ok for a flashy thingy 2 stars
This is almost exactly like the Jet Toolbar launcher. It's flashy, it looks cool, it is 3D, but it's next to useless. I use a launcher that hold about 200 app shortcuts for me. Obviously this launcher would never handle that without being a mile long. It is also covering up part of my desktop which I hate. If you want cute little flashy desktop things, then grab it. If you are a power user who wants alphabetized or categorized shortcuts to many apps, then forget it.
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Jaangle Jaangle

Better than most 4 stars
I like this type of player/organizer for use as a jukebox to my huge collection on my central file server. The only thing it is really missing is an equalizer. Also would be nice if these type of apps normalized on the fly. A bug i encountered was that ever time I shut the app down it gave a memory error. But all in all it is better than others i have tried accept for the awesome pcjukebox. I love how this app displays info on the artist, and it's pretty in depth too. Also easily downloads lyrics as long as your tags are correct.
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Budget Budget

Unique program 5 stars
It took me a few months to talk her into it, but my wife (who pretty much hates computers) is now using this program instead of a load of actual envelopes in a firesafe. it's basically a virtual version of what she was already doing to budget our income/expense. the difference is that the program makes no mistakes, she does. Great app if you devote your full attention to actually using it to keep track of your finances.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($39.95) Details...

GreatNews GreatNews

Best yet 5 stars
I have tried probably 10 to 12 RSS readers and this one has been more stable and friendly than the rest so far. I have been using it for about 2 months with all the default feeds (accept the chinese blog one, what's up with that?) and about 20 of my own added feeds. One particular feed liked to get screwed up with some other readers but looks fine with this one. I particularly like the different views you are able to select, newspaper is my favorite though. Definitely grab this one while it's still free.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

Whisper FTP Surfer Whisper FTP Surfer

Nice ftp app with a couple bugs 4 stars
I like how this app allows you to edit html pages right from the server, then uploads the edited file from your editors temp directory. But it won't do the same for php files that I can tell. The other thing is that while transferring 30-40 files at a time, it stopped on me and I had to force it to close, then could not delete a file in a directory I was uploading from because it was locked by the surfer.exe still running. Other than that, it is a pretty unique FTP client.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

MWSnap MWSnap

Almost perfect 5 stars
I do a lot of tutorials that require screen shots. There is only one other program I know of that works for me a little better than this one does. That is "UltraSnap" by Mediachance. It has all the same functions accept you can set US to automatically put a drop shadow under the screen shot, which make them look professional without extra editing. US also allows you to drag from the screen and drop on the desktop to automatically create a jpg file. But US does not have the "add cursor" feature that MWSnap does. Also, US is not free :-( I agree with Snapfiles that this is probably the best Screen shot tool available in the free category.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

Karaoke Anything! Karaoke Anything!

People need to understand 5 stars
Removing vocals from a stereo mix is next to impossible. If a program such as this can do even a mediocre job, then it is doing great. To remove vocals from a song, software needs to remove certain frequencies from the overall mix, and in doing this, yes it is going to sound different. To actually remove the vocals, you would need the original recording in it's 24, 48, or whatever, channel mix, and simply shut off the vocal tracks. One common misconception about Karaoke is that you are hearing the original song with the vocals removed, when in fact you are hearing studio musicians hired to record the song without vocals. So for what this app is trying to do, it does about as good as you're going to find anywhere else.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

Copy2Clip Copy2Clip

Great choice 5 stars
There are a few others out there that will give you similar functions, but this one has a configuration window so you can specify how you want the path/file name or whatever copied to the clip board. Works great.
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Moffsoft FreeCalc Moffsoft FreeCalc

I love this! 5 stars
Two very cool features and a few other cool ones. The tape is great because you can then copy the contents of your calculations for pasting into other apps. The other coolest feature is the resizing, I like having a huge calc on my screen. The skin colors and things are ok too but not what persuaded me to keep this app. It responds to the keyboard number pad just like windows calc too.
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Easy File Sharing Web Server Easy File Sharing Web Server

Just what i needed but... 3 stars
This software is VERY easy to install and does just what it says....almost. It is up and running literally within minutes. But when you choose to disable the forums within it, there still shows a link to the forums when a user logs in. If a user clicks this link the software tells them they might not be logged in, this is confusing for users. The forum link should be GONE if you disable forums within the admin interface. Another con is that you cannot specify file types to be uploaded, so how is a webmaster to know someone won't upload malicious content? I need to narrow my users ability to upload files to 4 types, this is the number one reason I have not purchased the software. Not to mention their support team just blew me off after 2 emails about the problems. Bad support = no sale in my book.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($49.95) Details...

KF Web Server KF Web Server

The perfect alternative 5 stars
KF Web Server had ended up replacing a server app i paid for, which caused me all kinds of problems. This one has performed perfectly with the 7 web sites I run from it. The features are great, it has a very light footprint, security is there and unique, no crashes as of yet, just can;t say enough. Great product.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

MailEnable Standard MailEnable Standard

Only one complaint 5 stars
The only thing this is missing is a web mail interface, but I guess they have to leave something out or people will not tempted to buy the full version. Other than that is it perfect.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

Asterisk Key Asterisk Key

Yep, it works 4 stars
So far in my testing it has displayed passwords for my google adsense account, email accounts in MS Outlook and a few others. It is already beating the tar out of the one I used to try once in a while when I needed this type of thing.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

SyncBack Free SyncBack Free

No doubts about this one 5 stars
If you need quality backup software, you can't beat this one for the price. I wouldn't use it on corporate networks or anything like that, but for a single pc or multiple directories across a small network it is great. I use it to back up about 3500+ and growing Mp3's, and also the contents of my FTP server's folders. It sends me an email every morning to let me know of any changes/success/failures. Another cool thing is that I back this all up to an external USB hard drive, which I can then take with me to plug into my laptop and have all the same music I have at home, always synchronized. Home users with single pc or small ftp/web/file servers will love this application.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

XYplorer XYplorer

Good but buggy 4 stars
I like the features, but it crashed both time I opened it and tried to send my hard drive contents to a file. A little work and this will be a great app.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($42.95) Details...

GetCanon! GetCanon!

Perfect 5 stars
I just happened to buy a canon camera the other day and I hate the software it came with. Way too much crap going on with it. I wanted a simple program to grab the pics off the camera and delete them. With my old camera i just did it through windows explorer, but this one won't allow that. So I came across this app here at snapfiles and it's like someone heard me ask for it! Great job to the author. The only thing I could say being constructive is that it could use a thumb view in case some pictures are bad or blurry, they could be skipped. But I can also do that after they have been transferred so it's not a big deal at all.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

CubicExplorer CubicExplorer

Multipurpose 5 stars
I personally think this app should have had a rating of excellent from snapfiles, but whatever. It is not only a replacement for windows explorer, BUT, it has an integrated notepad type of thing, tabbed windows, and my favorite part of it is that I can set bookmarks. I build web sites, so I have a bookmark called "webs", which, when clicked, shows me all my web folders. Kinda like creating a shortcut to the webs folder on your desktop, but without the clutter. all in all, this is a cool app and deserving of the DL.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

Unlocker Unlocker

This is awesome 5 stars
I had a bunch of files on a server that were locked and would not delete, they had been that way for months. i never really looked into it very far and just left them. This app showed me what was locking the files, and i was able to delete them, What a cool tool!
showShow review details License: Free Details...

Ashampoo Magical Defrag Ashampoo Magical Defrag

This is an awesome app! 5 stars
I am floored that someone else did not think of this long ago. I have purchased this app for multiple pc's in my home. How I know it works so good? I used windows defrag to analyze the drive before installing magic defrag, then analyzed a day after installing it. Perfectly defraged drives, all the time. I never have to take time out to defrag with the windows app. Also has a light footprint on the resources which is something I am very picky about. The only con to this is that the company has been nagging me to buy their photo commander app ever since i bought this one.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($14.99) Details...

Pixia Pixia

Buggy program 2 stars
Within the first 2 minutes of trying out effects on a jpg file, the program froze on me. After messing with frustration for a few more minutes I forced it to close and went to uninstall it....no uninstaller in the start menu (I hate that). So I went to my trusty "Myuninstaller" and found it had created two entries, on uninstallable and one not. What is that about? So I uninstalled it and removed the other entry from the registry. Not gonna write home about this one. [Editor: The Pixia uninstall option is found in the standard Windows Add/Remove Software applet, as with most other products]
showShow review details License: Free Details...

BootSafe BootSafe

Why? 3 stars
Why use this when it has the exact same commands as msconfig?
showShow review details License: Free Details...
The software developer responded to this review on Jan 07, 2006: Most novice users do not know how to but into Safe Mode, that is why we created this simple (free) product.

WinSock XP Fix WinSock XP Fix

I can't believe they only gave it a "goo 5 stars
This software fixed every computers tcp/ip problems on a fairly large network I take care of at work. The idiot before me allowed anyone to do anything on the net so I had a lot of hosed up computers to fix. The one's that refused to connect to the new gateway were all fixed by using this software.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

EaseUs Disk Copy EaseUs Disk Copy

Ghost alternative 2 stars
This app is a lot like Symantec Ghost. The differences are, it's free, and very slooowwww. It took this app over an hour to do what ghost did in less than five minutes. The options at the floppy boot screen are a bit confusing, but not impossible. Not for newbies I would say. Tested on NTFS, if it works for other file systems like Linux, then it is a great tool. If it only works on windows file systems then it just a slow alternative to purchasing ghost.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

Alligator Flash Designer Alligator Flash Designer

Not great 2 stars
This app is ok, not as good or flexible as others like ... but it's not too bad. Things I did not like are that the tool tips do not come up half the time, there's no timeline that I could find, The interface is rather primitive looking, and a few others. One good thing is that it did produce a very small file size when exporting an swf file.
showShow review details License: Free Trial ($149.00) Details...

Junkanoo Junkanoo

Works fine 5 stars
I have been using a small pop3 checker that sits in my tray for years now, and deleting spam by looking at the headers. This works just like that one did accept it has a bunch more features. I like that it has it's own little client you can send emails from rather opening a huge clunky program like outlook. And the white/Black list thing is cool too. The other spam filtering is a little basic, but it's better than nothing if you want a tray icon to check multiple accounts every couple minutes like i do.
showShow review details License: Free Details...

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